Guilty Pleasure Movies

What's a Guilty Pleasure Movie??  These are movies to watch again and again - but ones you wouldn't really want others knowing about! These are the well watched DVDs at the back of the shelf, behind the "cooler" ones (you've probably only ever taken out the box once). The ones you stick on when you just plain want cheering up!

In no particular order this time:

Elf the movie

1) ELF.

"Tomorrow, 6am, Santa's coming to town"  "SANTA!!!  I know him!!"

By far Will Ferrell's finest performance!


Die Hard movie2) DIE HARD (1, 2 or 4.0)

John McClane has the odd bad day in the office.  Die Hard 3 was rubbish.




"I must break you"

We hear Rocky is made of iron.


Kindergarten Cop4) KINDERGARTEN COP

"Von, two, three, four"

Basically anything by Arnie is usually good for a laugh.


Home Alone5) HOME ALONE

Show me one person who doesn't like this movie. One of the best Christmas movies ever made.



Prince of Persia6) PRINCE OF PERSIA

Ok, maybe it's because Gemma Arterton is in it, but there are some unexpected funny moments too.



Days of Thunder7) DAYS OF THUNDER / TOP GUN

It's the same movie pretty much. Still good late 80s/early 90s fun.



Madagascar 28) MADAGASCAR 2

(At the jungle airport) Mort - "I'm coming King Julian!".  Julian - "He's so annoying. (To the Lemur security guards) Stop him! He's carrying scissors and hand cream!"

Honestly it's pretty good! That little Mort creature cracks me up.


DOA movie9) DOA

Just knocked Dodgeball off the top 10 list!



Ace Ventura10) ACE VENTURA

I can literally reel off a hundred quotes from this one. None of them really make any sense.

Mid 1990s. Carrey in his prime.


Why isn't Dumb and Dumber in the list? Because it's not a guilty pleasure movie - it should sit proudly in everyone's collection!!