Most Over-Rated Movies!

Simply put, the most over-rated movies -- according to us!


10) The Bourne Trilogy

Well, it's no James Bond.  When most people's 'highlight' of the movie is the Moby track which kicks in a few seconds before the end-credits, you know it's not a classic.



9) Superhero Movies - pre 'Christopher Nolan Batman Trilogy' & 'Iron Man/Thor etc Avengers Franchise'.

Yes, we're talking about YOU Superman Returns. And Tobey Maguire's Spiderman. And every other one that put more money into promoting their Happy Meal style merchandise tie-ins than paying for decent writers. (Except Condorman. Can't beat a bit of Condorman.)



The Godfather Trilogy8) The Godfather Trilogy

If you haven't watched them yet ... don't bother. But the first one was the best.



Titanic7) Titanic.

We all know what happens in the end.



The Time Machine6) Anything before 1977!

Ok, be honest, most movies pre-Star Wars are pretty rubbish when you compare them to even your average modern stuff. Come on you 'true' movie fans, you know it's true.



Anchorman5) CONTROVERSIAL! - Anchorman

This was mega hyped up by all my friends. Don't get me wrong - the bit when Steve Carell says that he killed a man with the trydent is laugh out loud funny, but there's a lot more misses than hits - and the usual Will Ferrell 10 minutes of drama between each joke. But maybe I was just in a mood last time I saw it and need to give it another chance.


The Full Monty4) The Full Monty

Wasn't funny in 199whatever. Still not funny now.



The English Patient3) The English Patient

Still haven't made it to the end yet. Does he die?? I'm guessing so.



Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back2) Empire Strikes Back

Am I alone in thinking A New Hope or ROTJ are better?  There's no Death Star runs, a long and boring light sabre "battle" that you need to skip through ... and no Ewoks!!



The Land Before Time VIII1) The Land Before Time VIII: The Big Freeze

Was looking forward to this one since the runaway success of The Land Before Time VI. It's a relief they still decided to make a The Land Before Time IX ... and X, XI, XII and XIII.