Greatest Ever Movie Endings!

Greatest Movie Endings

Ok, so we're going to cheat a little. The greatest movie endings will be in the classics who were the first to come up with surprise twists (Citizen Kane and all that), but to keep this more fun we'll stick with the modern stuff.

Countdown begins:

I Am Legend10) I AM LEGEND

Ok, so ignoring the problem of the lady and the kid crossing the water and broken bridges to make it to Manhatten Island, and then finding a car - and then rescuing Will Smith from hordes of angry infected zombies ... and then after Will Smith blows himself up needlessly (and they survive the blast - and then fight through the rubble to get out the house alive) to get back across the water...

Where were we?  Oh yes, after all that, they make it up to Vermont and we see them approach a human fortified colony - with the cure in a vial. Would make a great sequel, and quite a cool idea to figure out what you would do next in that situation.

Last of the Mohicans9) LAST OF THE MOHICANS

From the moment Hawkeye shoots the colonel to put him out of his misery, the chase is on and the best soundtrack in movie history kicks in. The moment when Chingachkuk rolls under Mogwai's lunge and then breaks his arm is a proper 'punch the air' movie moment.


Days of Thunder8) DAYS OF THUNDER / CARS

It's basically the same up until the very end sequence. Days of Thunder when the rival crew jump out into the pit lane to get Cole's car moving actually brought a tear to my eye back in the day. And then "Harry, this one's for you". Wheeler - "He's going high..."  Awesome.

Cars - It's actually pretty clever. Lightning is a completely changed character, and humble enough to take advice from his pit crew to get back in the race. He uses the technique he learnt from the dirt track to 'win' the race - but stops at the line. The one thing he wanted most in life is now not that important to him.  Unusually for a Disney movie, the bad guy wins -- and Lightning, pushing The King, actually loses the race. The crowd love him, but his dreams have evaporated or at least changed direction - and he sticks with Rusteze.  Not so much a 'twist', but still a cracking ending.

Oh, and the bit when Guido amazes the other crews with his super-quick tyre changing skills is one of the cutest little things I've ever seen.

Independence Day7) INDEPENDENCE DAY

The benchmark for all future summer blockbuster movies. Shame the earth has been completely ravaged, but everyone likes a few fireworks in July.


Young Guns 26) YOUNG GUNS 2

The scene where Pat might or might not have shot Billy is terrible, but then we cut back to Brushy Bill Roberts recounting if he has scars. He starts to walk away. The reporter calls after him "Mr Roberts? Mr Roberts! (Thinks about it) Billy!" Jon Bon Jovi's Blaze of Glory kicks in as we work through a highlight reel of the movie and find out what happened to the major characters (plus of course the Lady Godiva bit again too).

Toy Story 35) TOY STORY 3

What an emotional ending!!  And it's only a bunch of toys!!  A truly epic movie. The toys are rewarded for their years of patience and loyal service with many more adventures. PLEASE do not continue the work on Toy Story 4.



The Crane!! Has inspired a million young lads to think they can now do karate. It's also good to see the blond kid on the Cobra team get smacked in the mouth with a foot a few times in the final fight.


The Shawshank Redemption3) SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION

We're seeing a trend here with the top 5 - great movies have a very fulfilling ending. It's great to see the good guys win one.



Star Wars A New Hope2) STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE

The Death Star sequence is still one of the finest in movie history - from the squadrons of X-Wings passing the red moons and 'signing in', to the carnage as the brave leaders are defeated one at a time up to the climatic end sequence. A worthy second place.


The Usual Suspects1) THE USUAL SUSPECTS

Any list containig the words "greatest", "movie" and "endings" is just plain wrong if The Usual Suspects is not in the top spot.