Most Disappointing Movie Endings

The most disappointing movie endings in our opinion (not the Worst - that's a different list!)!

Rocky Balboa10) ROCKY BALBOA

He knows he has lost the fight, so doesn't wait for the decision but just sulks away towards the dressing room. The result is announced that Antonio Tarver has won. He waves to the crowd ... and that's it. So long, Rock.



Saving Private Ryan9) SAVING PRIVATE RYAN

Well, everyone else except Ryan and the coward with the specs seems to have died trying to get him out of France. So, at the end, he wants his family to tell him that he has lived a good life - but is that really good enough? As Tom Hanks hoped earlier, it's not like he's cured cancer or anything.



The Mist8) THE MIST

They all die. Needlessly.



The Secret Window7) SECRET WINDOW

This movie features a lot in our negative lists. So, everyone in the town knows he is a killer - but they are too scared to do anything about it. So he gets away with it.



The Return of the King6) THE RETURN OF THE KING

Just because it is mind-numbingly boring for the last about half an hour!! What works in the book should have been left there - the battle and then the marriage of the King would have been a fine ending at that.



Star Wars Empire Strikes Back5) EMPIRE STRIKES BACK

Has a twist, yes, but then the good guys are stuck in a medical ship staring out into space. Is that it?? I know it's part of a trilogy, but is a fairly rubbish end scene.



The Last Crusade4) THE LAST CRUSADE

Indy doesn't get the grail. The Templar temple and archaeological find of the century is destroyed. His dad is ok with this. So they ride off into the sunset.



Mary Poppins3) MARY POPPINS

So the Old Man dies, the Dad is still unemployed, but everyone is okay because they can fly a kite. Mary Poppins leaves, and Burt is all alone. Think about it - it's a really depressing ending! How much better would it have been if this was Mary's last assignment, and she marries Burt. And the Dad is promoted to the bank's board after all.


The Godfather Part 32) THE GODFATHER PART 3

Michael Corleone falls off his chair and dies.



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