Our Least Popular Movies Reviews!

We hold our hands up. It seems we don't always hit the nail on the head with our completely unique yet entertaining reviews 100% of the time! Yes folks, sadly some of our reviews are simply not as popular as we'd like. Now we can't just make a list of those with the lowest number of hits, as the list would change every week when new movies are added and wouldn't be fair, so this top 10 is based on an ingenious mathematical quantum calculation (time the review has been live ... and the general low number of visits. Not in any strict order as we're not too clever to work that out).

The irony is that we might need to change this list soon if these reviews get a little more coverage !! .... but we doubt that.  Yes, they're all bad movies.  Read the Elf review again instead. That's a good one. Has a youtube video of our favourite scene now too!

Here goes...

King Ralph movieIn 10) KING RALPH

We even did the IMDB Synopsis report on this one! And wasted our time. No one cares about poor old King Ralph.



Be Kind Rewind9) BE KIND REWIND

-- Not for this one you tell us!  The movie's about as good as the poster.



The Rocker8) THE ROCKER

We thought this would be pretty good as it has Rainn Wilson (Dwight) from The Office. Not one to buy on DVD.




Whiteout7) WHITEOUT

Now hey!!  We liked this movie!  It's got a good leading lead role (Kate Beckinsale).  Check.  A mystery "whodunnit" slasher movie.  Check.  Set in snowy Alaska which is a nice change from the same old winter Chicago set.  Check.  Watching contestants fall off big red bouncy balls??!  Oh wait, that's Celebrity 'Wipeout'.



Mission to Mars6) MISSION TO MARS

Is this the one with the killer robot or the one where they find a huge alien head buried in the soil?  We'd check the review ourselves but, you know...



State of Play5) STATE OF PLAY

Apparently this was adapted from a BBC TV series. Seriously -- people actually watched this on tv - and then thought it would make a better movie???  Really???



The Social Network4) THE SOCIAL NETWORK

Facebook fatigue already?



The Happening3) THE HAPPENING

Turns out, there's not much happening here.



Dan in Real Life2) DAN IN REAL LIFE

What a terrible, miserable movie!  Avoid!!




Deja Vu movie1) DEJA VU

The irony! So bad you don't want to experience it the first time!




Notables: The Bounty Hunter, Duplicity, Frost/Nixon ... and Wall Street.  (Wall Street!!  The Original!! Another good one! Check it out!! Don't let that awful sequel put you off if you want to know what happens!)