Top 10 Laugh Out Loud Moments!

We love these moments!! - But don't just take our word for it, we'll try to find as many YouTube clips for these scenes as we can!

(This list is likely to change as it's hard to list just the Top 10 --- and I'm sure there's about 20 good ones we've missed out!!)

We'll do this in reverse order - let's start from the top!

In First Place 1) BRUCE ALMIGHTY

The scene that launched Steve Carrell's career!  With his super powers, Bruce interferes with Evan reading the news report.  Genius.





The whole Third Act is still great after all these years ... but our favourite is the John Candy scene in the back of the van.

 Kevin's Mom: "Tell me, have you gone on vacation and left your child home?"

Gus Polinski (John Candy): "No. But I did leave one at a funeral parlor once. Yeah, it was terrible too. I was all distraught and everything. The wife and I, we left the little tyke there in the funeral parlor. All day. You know, we went back at night, when we came to our senses, there he was. Apparently, he was there all day with a corpse. Now, he was okay. You know, after six, seven weeks. He came around and started talking again. They get over it. Kids are resilient like that."



Carrell again. In the battle of the newsteams, Brick gets involved - and hurls a trident at a rival reporter.  Back at the office he boasts about that to Ron Burgundy:

Brick - "Yeah, I stabbed a man in the heart."

Ron - "I saw that! Brick killed a guy! Did you throw a trident?"

Brick - "Yeah. There were horses, a man on fire, and I killed a guy with a trident"

Ron - "Brick, I've been meaning to talk to you about that..."




4) ELF

Pretty much the whole sequence of events since he is kicked out of his dad's office is comedy gold.

First, he's hit by a taxi crossing the street, then in the Department Store he poisons himself with perfume, is frightened of the escalator, is caught looking at lingerie ... and then is told about somebody famous visitng the store at 10AM tomorrow....





A surprise call-up to the list -- but believe me, it's good.

So Danny has adopted the persona of a German Sheep Breeder by the name of Dolph Lundgren, for no apparent reason, to help out his friend (Adam Sandler) in his elaborate plot to win over a girl and convince her that his secretary is in-fact just an ex-wife, and they are free to be together.  While taking out Sandler's new girlfriend for a meal to bond, suddenly a sheep is taken ill out back --- and it's up to Dolph to perform "Sheep.P.R." to bring it back to life.  Loved it. 





How can you have a comedy list without Dumb & Dumber???

A lot to choose from, but our favourite is still when Lloyd is sent to the grocery store with the last of their money to pick up the "bare essentials"... and later while losing his wallet (trying to buy Rhode Island Slut) is robbed by a sweet old lady on a motorized cart.  He didn't even see it coming!  (And we've looked all over for an identical copy of that hat -- if you find one, please let us know!!!!)



 (oh yes - this is the elusive 'Australian' version with the extended scene! The 'Holy Grail' of us Dumb and Dumber fans!")


Pretty much the entire "Blind Fencer" scene! Chris O'Dowd is phenomenal. So, for the big finale, each of the company execs invite a 'Schmuck' to Dinner.  One dude invites a Blind Fencer (Chris O'Dowd), who first showcases his talents with the 'lights off' so everyone can appreciate his prowess (the large hall has a multitude of light switches) ... and then later he boasts that he is a painter.  "Are you any good?", asks the guy next to him. 
Blind Fencer - "I don't know."



Dr. Evil is busy discussing his plans for Nigel Powers, the father of Austin. Goldmember pipes up "Dr. Evil - can I paint his 'yoohoo' gold? ... It's kinda my thing, you know."

Dr.Evil moves his seat closer -- "How about 'NO!', you crazy Dutch b*****d!" 




Ok it's a terrible movie -- and this scene just doesn't belong in there because it's hilarious.

--Johnny base-jumps into the wrong building - and confronts a floor of confused, old people in a hospital.  He wrongly assumes the French mastermind is truly evil to experiment on old people, and points his gun at the doctor and nurses he thinks are involved until he notices a confused Bough at another skyscraper out the window.




Johnny Knoxville tries to explain the story about Stavi's accident - and his reason for entering the Special Olympics - to his new friends, who just don't get it. Cracks us up every time.