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We need a team of genuine movie-buffs to add many more movies to our database! Do you watch a movie, even if its a stinker, right to the very end just to find out what happened? We need you! Do you read the same old boring reviews in newspapers & trade mags and long to put your own spin on things? We need you on our site!

  To contribute simply open an account with our site by becoming a registered member (its free) using the "Create an Account" link inside the left-side menu feature, and when you have validated your email address you can log-in to the members area where you'll find special offers, a few free games, and the "submit your movie review" form.

  We need the information entered to be as accurate as possible - and we recommend a site such as to help with character names and other release information.

  Plot outlines and "So, How does the movie end" features must all be your own work - we don't want you to cut and paste from a different source. All written content on this site is original, although inspired by the movies we review, and for that reason we need this site to be unique - a site other movie fans come to for guidance.

  Want to write but need a little fine-tuning? No problem - just send in your review and tick the box to allow us freedom to edit, and we'll see what we can do together.