The Best Fantastic Four Actors

There is talk of another release of the Fantastic Four film franchise, and to celebrate this we have a Virgin casino promotional code for our members. We thought we’d share our top five Fantastic Four characters/actors from past efforts and the upcoming movie. Why don’t you see if you agree…?

Miles Teller as Mr. Fantastic

We haven’t really seen him in action yet, but already Miles Teller is the first actor that comes to mind for this list. He’s 28, extremely talented, and has racked up an impressive CV in a short amount of time. His best work from the past few years includes The Spectacular Now (2013), Divergent (2014) and Two Night Stand (2014). We haven’t seen him in a bad role, which is partly why we’re so eager to see his interpretation of Mr. Fantastic. He’s got incredible comic timing and gives off a certain something - you just can’t help but like him.

Jessica Alba as The Invisible Woman

Despite the 2005 and 2007 versions of Fantastic Four not being great successes, we count Jessica Alba as one of the best actresses the franchise has seen. Although she’s made some films she’d probably rather see the back of, she’s impressed in Sin City, as well as teen favourites such as Honey and Never Been Kissed. For us, it’s really more about her celebrity status. And she brought sex appeal to the role… a Marvel requirement, surely?

Michael B. Jordan as The Human Torch

If an actor can make us laugh in a trailer simply by lowering a chair, then we’re game. We’re hoping for lots of comedy gold in the new film and Michael B. Jordan looks ready to fill that position. His career history features a little bit of this and a little bit of that, so we bet he can’t wait to show you how he’s taken on such a big character. Better still, there’s his relationship with his dad (played by Reg E. Cathey) to look forward to.

Jamie Bell as The Thing

However much we’re sure he doesn’t like the constant association, Jamie Bell will always be Billy Elliot. It’s why we’re super excited to see him playing a character who is, quite possibly, the polar opposite of a ballet-loving adolescent. Now aged 29, it’s surprising how few films he’s been in in the 15 years since he burst onto the scene with Billy Elliot. But with big roles in big films such as Jumper and The Adventures of Tintin, we’re sure he’s more than ready for Marvel.

Ioan Gruffudd as Mr. Fantastic

Mr. Fantastic appears again, yet this time we’re focusing on a different actor, Ioan Gruffudd. Perhaps it's a soft spot for his distinct Britishness or that 102 Dalmatians will always have a special place in our hearts… either way, the now 41 year-old sticks in our minds as a great Fantastic Four actor. You couldn’t help but be on his side, willing him on to succeed. And that's what counts in a comic book-inspired film.


Which Fantastic Four star is your favourite?