Ocean's Thirteen
Category Crime/Spy
Year: 2007
Time: 122 minutes
Production: Warner Bros.
Director: Steven Soderbergh
George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Al Pacino, Elliott Gould, Matt Damon, Bernie Mac, Andy Garcia, Don Cheadle, Scott Caan, Casey Affleck, Eddie Izzard
Our Rating 8/10 - A whole lot better than Ocean's Twelve!!
Watchability 8/10 - An enjoyable little heist movie
Contributed by JT
Tag-line How Do You Steal Half A Billion Dollars, In 3.5 Minutes?

Willy Bank (Al Pacino) has double-crossed his business partner Reuben Tishkoff (Elliott Gould), leaving him close to the edge physically and mentally.  Danny Ocean (George Clooney) calls upon the old crew one last time to exact revenge on someone who once shook Sinatra's hand ... and should know better.  The problem is that Banks has the most elaborate security system known to man employed at his casino - so they'll need to bring in an expert ... and they'll need to call on an old enemy to help their cashflow.

So, how does it end?

The plan is to rig all of the machines in Bank's casino so everyone wins big - and then to get them out before they can spend it again.  The setup is the earthquake idea - so Brad Pitt dresses as an eco scientist and delivers an tremor monitoring device to Bank's office to spy on their nemesis.

They fix the dice in the Mexican factory, rig the big machines, Bernie Mac manages to get his card game onto the floor of the casino ... but Livingston has trouble with the card shufflers and calls in Eddie Izzard's help.  Linus is in disguise as Yen's assistant, and takes away Bank's assistant to the top floor where he steals the diamonds - a condition for Andy Garcia to join the team and stump up the money.

On the big day, Danny gets an invite back to the casino after stealing all of Willy's whales.  Meanwhile, after an anonymous tip, Livingston is picked up by the Feds and Eddie Izzard manages to swap the card shufflers -- but not before Banks lifts his fingerprints off the machines.

Don Cheadle saves the day. He takes a break from the digging and letter writing, and dresses as the daredevil stuntman to distract Banks as the others hack into the FBI database and change Livingston's known accomplaces.

Banks gets his prize golden mobile phone, and then enters the Greco security center to check on the winner of a jackpot - on the opening night.  It seems a genuine win - but then suddenly the Greco is shut down by a local EMP device - Bank's phone, for 3 and a half minutes.

Ocean's team get to work.  All the fake dice, loaded balls and dodgy scams are used so that everyone is a winner.  The time is up - and Danny orders the guys to hit the casino with a tremor.  The casino shakes - but is largely untouched, and the winners are about to lose their money.  Danny tells them to hit it again harder - this time the building is almost brought down.  All the punters rush out.

Willy Banks is told of the huge hit he has taken on opening night and confronted by Danny.  Danny knows he won't go to the cops.  Saul also shows himself to complete the ruse.

Meanwhile, Linus is exposed as a fraud by the FBI agent and taken to the roof with the diamonds, but is held at gunpoint by the French thief working with Benedict.  The Frenchman parachutes off - but realises that he has been conned and his diamonds are fake.  The Agent reveals himself as Linus's father as they make their escape with the real diamonds - they blow the roof and take the entire case with them.

The team meet again - and with the winnings have bought Reuben a prime spot of real estate on the strip.  As they were betrayed by Benedict, they donated his money to one of Oprah's good causes.  Danny, Rusty and Linus are sat in an airport lounge watching his interview on primetime TV in one of the best movie scenes of recent years with subtle but excellent acting by one Mr. Garcia.

The casino inspector, a little down on his luck, is about to play the airport machines with his last quarter - Rusty rigs it with the secret formula, and tells him to play it.  He wins the $11million jackpot.

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