The Dictator
Category Comedy , Indie
Year: 2012
Time: 83 minutes
Production: Paramount Pictures
Director: Larry Charles
Sacha Baron Cohen, Anna Faris, Ben Kingsley, Jason Mantzoukas, John C Reilly, Megan Fox
Our Rating 6/10 - Better laughs early-on and drags itself over the finishing line
Watchability 6/10 - Not as good as Borat

General Aladeen, the ruler of the North African Republic of Wadiya, is summoned to a UN council to defend his country's nuclear weapon program, and prevent war. However he is double-crossed by his brother Tamir, and a body-double is used instead to agree to terms that will break up the country's resources - and make Tamir a very rich man.

Aladeen must work with his only ally, a man he once tried to assasinate, to regain his rightful role as the Dictator of Wadiya, and stop his brother's plans ... but he falls in love with a local store owner, and starts to question his goals in life.

So, how does it end?

Aladeen hatches a plan with Nadal, the former head of Wadiya's Nuclear program who he thought had been executed (but was instead deported to the US by the executioner, and rebel sympathiser), and now works in an Apple Genius bar.

First they steal the head of a recently-deceased notorious drug-runner, and cut off his beard so he can pass off his former regal look. Next they hatch a plan so that Aladeen will return to work for Zoey at the Green Grocery store, and get him inside the Lancaster Hotel to confront Tamir.

As Alison Burgers, Aladeen works hard to become "Supreme Grocer" in the store and with a few staff changes (and torturing the guy who keeps stealing money from the till) the store thrives ... and with a little sabotage they manage to win back the contract to supply the hotel holding the General's double.

Things are going well with Zoey, until he decides to come clean and tell her his real identity and she leaves him. He walks the streets alone, and watches the Jumboscreen as live news is fed from Wadiya that shows the people's true feelings towards the Dictator.

He is about to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge until he is saved by Nadal, and convinced to complete his mission.

On the day of the signing, Aladeen zip-lines across into the hotel's Penthouse suite, and swaps places with his double. At the signing Aladeen tries to rip the documents until he is stopped by Tamir. He has Tamir arrested .. and rips the papers. He gives a talk about the similarities between democracy in the US and a Dictatorship, but when Zoey shows up he calls for a true democracy in Wadiya.

Aladeen proposes, and Zoey promises to shave her armpits. Tamir grabs a gun and pulls the trigger ... but the body double manages to dive in the way, and takes the bullet in his head. He somewhow survives.

One year later, a Wadiyan news channel reveals that 98.8% of the people voted to keep Aladeen in power, with a bit of persuasion. They have gathered for the wedding of Aladeen and Zoey. Bin Laden celebrates in the background. Zoey reveals that she is in fact Jewish - prompting Aladeen to tell his people to execute her.

In the credits, Aladeen meets again with Nadal, who has been reinstated to his previous role to lead the nuclear program. They disagree again on the shape of the missile.

On a live chat program, Zoey reveals to the nation that she is pregnant. Aladeen asks if she knows if it will be a boy ... or will she plan an abortion.

Then there's the usual out-takes - with a better version of the funeral scene they should have used instead!

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