Category Adventure , Animated , Family
Year: 2012
Time: 93 minutes
Production: Disney/Pixar
Director: Mark Andrews
Kelly Macdonald, Billy Connolly, Emma Thompson, Julie Walters, Robbie Coltrane
Our Rating 6/10 - not Pixar's finest moment
Watchability 6/10
Contributed by RRJ

Princess Merida is to be married-off to one of 3 unsuitly suitors in an ancient tradition to keep peace in their land. When she refuses, another fight follows with her mother and she seeks an answer from a local witch to ease the burden of responsibility she is under, not knowing that in doing-so she will lose her mother forever if she can't change things back before the second sunrise.

So, how does it end?

The Wisps lead Merida to a high mountain where she learns more about the legend of the 4 brothers - it seems the strongest one, who wanted the land for himself, went to the same witch as before, where he was turned into the giant bear that has been rampaging around.

Back at the Castle King Fergus discovers the bear (his wife) and the large hunting party gives chase. Merdia is locked in a room, and needs the help of her three younger brothers (now also transformed into bears since they ate the magic pie) to steal the key from the maid and break her out.

She jumps on her horse and races off through the forest.

Meanwhile the hunting party trap Elinor in the middle of the stone circle and tie her up. The King is about to attack when Merida arrives just in time to stop him. She tries to tell him that the bear is in fact his wife, under a magical curse, but in all the commotion they've awoken the angry bear that chomped on the King's leg before.

The angry bear makes quick work of the men and is about to eat Meria, when Ellinor breaks free from the ropes and attacks him. She realises that one of the stones is a little loose, and pounds him against it, as she runs away the stone topples over and crushes the angry bear. His spirit transforms into a will'o-the-wisp, and he nods in respect before it vanishes.

Merida wraps the tapestry that has been mended around her mother's shoulders as sunlight beams down on to the stones. The men are a little more open to hear the story now, but it doesn't matter as Elinor (in human form) peals out from under the tapestry. The King is delighted, and Merida doesn't have to marry any of the suitors in return.

As the other clans are sent on their way, the King must make a quick trip in a row boat to pick up his mischievous boys who have hitched a ride on a ship.


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