The Way Back
Category Adventure , Military/War
Year: 2010
Time: 133 minutes
Production: Exclusive Films
Director: Peter Weir
Jim Sturgess, Colin Farrell, Ed Harris, Saoirse Ronan, Mark Strong
MPAA PG-13 / UK12A
Our Rating 6/10 - War Film Fans will like it. One for the older generation.
Watchability 2/10 - no way back for this one
Tag-line Their escape was just the beginning

Janusz is a Polish political prisoner who was tried by the Russians after they had forced his wife to testify against him. Held in a Siberian prison, he plots his escape with other prisoners, including Mr. Smith (Ed Harris), an American, and Valka (Colin Farrell) a vicious Russian ... and one of the few who actually deserve to be kept behind those walls!

So, how does it end?

Following the rough plan that Janusz and Khaborav, the dreamer, devised - which was basically to head south, they keep on track and manage to pick up another Polish escapee enroute - Irena, with a patchy backstory.  They make it across a major railroad and are about to head into Mongolia, when Valka wants to turn back - he still loves Russia, and Stalin, and wants to make amends.

They say their farewells and the rest of the team continue south ... until they soon find out that the Communists have made it in Mongolia too. Knowing they won't be safe, they decide to continue south across the Gobi Desert. They soon find an Oasis, and the team want to stay, but Janusz prompts them to keep going ... where they are faced with a huge sandstorm that takes its toll and soon claims Irena.

Two more succumb to dehydration, starvation and heat stroke and don't make it.  Mr Smith is about to give up when Janusz picks him up to rally him onward. They reach the base of the Himalayas and are taken in by a kind family to recover their strength. Mr Smith says his goodbyes and leaves the team to travel to an American base not far from their location.

The remaining three plod on until they reach green fields ... and are welcomed into India. The 'border patrol' politely ask for their passports, which they don't have, but they are allowed into the country anyway!

Many years later, with the fall of the Berlin wall, Janusz finally decides to return home and find his wife, who is overjoyed to see her husband again.

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