Wrath of the Titans
Category Action , Adventure , Epic/Historic
Year: 2012
Time: 99 minutes
Production: Warner Bros
Director: Jonathan Liebesman
Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes, Rosamund Pike, Toby Kebbell
MPAA PG-13 / UK12A
Our Rating 4/10 - Gemma Arterton will be glad to have walked away from this one!
Watchability 3/10 - A very disappointing 'epic' movie

The Greek gods are at an all-time low in the popularity stakes with humans. Aries is jealous of the bond between Zeus and Perseus, and together with Hades he plots to depose Zeus, and bring about the wrath of Zeus' father - the mighty Kronos, who has been lying dormant for many centuries, to destroy the people on earth and make the gods strong once again.

So, how does it end?

Perseus, Andromeda and the Navigator tackle their way through the impossible maze to reach Zeus, who is being tortured by Aries to bring about the rise of the mighty Kronos.  Hades soon has a change of heart after Zeus forgives him for being a bad brother, and he fights with Aries. Perseus and his team break through the maze, rescue Zeus, and 'teleport' out.

It's all too late though as Kronos has been unleashed.  All the Greek armies gather for battle, and the Navigator takes a team to fight on the ground and smothers his men in mud to protect them against the volcanic fire. Hades revives Zeus, and loses the last of his power.

Kronos starts to fire 2-bodied warriors against the army, and wreak havoc with his fiery arms. Perseus prays to Aries to meet him, and he is transported away for a battle with his half-brother who has daddy-issues.

Aries plays dirty, and has taken captive the son of Perseus. The two men fight. When Perseus' son is brave and lends a hand, taking Aries by surprise, Perseus stabs his brother, then manages to grab Aries' magical spear and finish him off.

Meanwhile Zeus and Hades team up to unleash a magical blast at Kronos, as Perseus appears on the scene riding his winged horse with the three weapons bonded together. He manages to ride through an arm of fire with just a few scorch marks, then heads towards the mouth, down the throat, and throws the 3 pronged weapon into the stomach of Kronos.  Kronos erupts.  Perseus is unscathed. Not even a little bit of bile on this hero. Or some carrots. Nothing.

The army cheers.

Zeus can't be revived again, and after a few words to his son he turns to stone.

The Navigator prompts Perseus to go and talk to Andromeda. They kiss.

Later, Perseus hands his sword to his son to pick up where he left off.

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