Category Comedy , Adventure , Animated , Family
Year: 2015
Time: 91 minutes
Production: Illumination Entertainment
Director: Kyle Balda, Pierre Coffin
Pierre Coffin, Sandra Bullock, Geoffrey Rush, John Hamm, Michael Keaton, Jennifer Saunders
Our Rating 4/10. Not as good as you want it to be.
Watchability 3/10 - Adults. 7/10 - Young kids.

Since the dawn of time, the Minions have had one goal in life - to find the most evil and despicable ruler to follow - from a T-Rex through to Napoleon. But since they were chased by the French army, for shooting their leader with a cannon, to Antarctica and made their home in a giant ice cave, the Minions have lost their zest for life. It is up to Kevin, Stuart and Bob to leave the camp and travel the world to find a new evil Boss.

So, how does it end?

The Minions watch an advert for Villain-Con in Orlando, and decide to travel down to find a new Boss. They hitch a ride with a family of bank robbers, and are in the crowd for the 'main attraction' - Scarlet Overkill, who promises paid employment if they can steal a ruby from her.  A bunch of villains try it on, and there's a big "pile on" moment ... but Scarlet beats them away ... until she realises she is holding Bob's teddy, and he has swallowed the ruby.

So the Minions are hired, and travel to England in "villain class". Soon Scarlet reveals her plan that, ever since she was a little girl, she has wanted to wear the Royal Crown - and to have real power. With her inventor husband, they hatch a plan to break into the Tower of London.

Meanwhile in the ice cave, the Minion tribe find a new boss - an Abominable Snowman!  But things don't go so well again and they end up killing him, and escaping from his angry friends. They start a long hike north to find Kevin.

Back in London, Scarlet and Herb lead the three minions into the Tower, where they use a psychedelic hat to get past the Beefeaters and into the vault. An old guard tries to fend them off, Last Crusade style, but the crown vanishes before them -- and is to be used on a royal procession.

The Minions give chase. One of them finds himself in one of Herb's biggest inventions, and manages to enlarge himself to an incredible size. They steal the crown and are chased through the streets until they are cornered near The Sword in the Stone - which Bob takes ... and immediately becomes the new King of England. The crowd love him, but Scarlet is irate.

Scarlet tricks Bob into giving her the Crown and the monarchy. And the Minions are locked away in a dungeon. Herb fails to torture them, and instead joins Scarlet for her big coronation.  The Minions escape, and cause havoc at Westminster Abbey and stop the coronation.

Scarlet and Herb make a run for it with the crown ... until little Gru and his puppy show up, and he uses his Freeze Ray to zap them in a block of ice, then snatches the crown. By this point all the minions have arrived in London, after catching up on the exploits on tv, and they marvel at this new super villain - and join him as he makes a getaway with the crown.

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