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The International The International [ 2009 ] [ Hits:16232 ]
Production: Columbia Pictures
Plot: The International Bank of Business and Credit (IBBC) is under investigation by Interpol agent Louis Salinger (Clive Owen) and Manhatten Assistant District Attorney Eleanor Whitman (Naomi Watts) for weapons dealing, fraud, murder and a number of cover-ups in a multi-million d...

Righteous Kill Righteous Kill [ 2008 ] [ Hits:16696 ]
Production: Millennium Films
Plot: Two decrepit NYPD detectives (who surely have gotta be a few days from retirement) are on the hunt for a serial killer who is doing justice a favor - by killing criminals that have escaped punishment from the law. Turk (De Niro) and Fisk (Pacino) are partners, but a strain i...

State of Play State of Play [ 2009 ] [ Hits:16632 ]
Production: Andell Entertainment
Plot: Cal McAffrey (Russell Crowe) is an investigative journalist for the Globe on the case of two recent murders which leads to higher political powers and corporate wrongdoings. Congressman Stephen Collins is a rising politician overhearing a case involving a National Defence contrac...

88 Minutes 88 Minutes [ 2007 ] [ Hits:17673 ]
Production: TriStar Pictures
Plot: Dr Jack Gramm (Al Pacino) is a respected forensic physchiatrist and university lecturer, but yet controversial with his students concerning an old case of a serial killer whose conviction rested on his testimony rather than actual evidence.  Now, 9 years later, the serial ki...

The Spirit The Spirit [ 2008 ] [ Hits:15393 ]
Production: Lionsgate
Plot: Set in a fictional US 1940s city (except with the internet and mobile phones capable of video playback), the Spirit (Gabriel Macht) is an indestructible super-hero who assists the local police to clean the city streets.  Without any specific abilities, he uses a Da...

Duplicity Duplicity [ 2009 ] [ Hits:15594 ]
Production: Universal Pictures
Plot: Ray Koval (Clive Owen) and Claire Stenwick (Julia Roberts) are counter-intelligence staff working for two rival global firms. When a memo is leaked about a new product launch, everyone is desperate to get their hands on the information. But it seems Ray and Claire have a bit of h...

The Taking of Pelham 123 The Taking of Pelham 123 [ 2009 ] [ Hits:20009 ]
Production: Columbia Pictures
Plot: Walter Garber's job is to make sure the subway trains run on time - and it's looking like another fine day in the office until a crowded train leaves Pelham Station at 1.23pm with four heavily-armed hijackers tagging along for the journey. The leader, who refers to himself as Ryd...

Fifty Dead Men Walking Fifty Dead Men Walking [ 2008 ] [ Hits:18405 ]
Production: HandMade Films
Plot: Martin McGartland (Jim Sturgess from 21) was an IRA double-agent during the height of the Northern Ireland troubles in the 1980s. Always on the wrong side of the tracks, he is suddenly in demand by both the IRA hierarchy (with a little help from his best friend Sean) and Scotland...

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