This Means War (2012)

Two CIA agents, Tuck and Frank who are also best friends, have been benched because someone's after them. Tuck is divorced with a son whom he's not close to and Frank is a ladies man. Tuck decides to try and find someone so he places his profile on a dating website. Lauren, a woman also looking for a guy sees Tuck's profile and goes with him. She later bumps into Frank and he hits on her and she goes out with him. She's intrigued by both of them. When they learn that they're dating the same girl, they agree to let her choose. But both can't help but use their skills to keep tabs on her and each other. And also sabotage each other's dates with her.

Our Rating: 7/10
Watchability: 7/10
Tagline: It's SPY against SPY.

Release Date: 2012-02-17
IMDb icon 6.3/10
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English | German | Japanese | Serbian
  • Runtime: 143
  • Budget: $65,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $156,491,279, 14 June 2012

So, how does the movie end??

Lauren still can't choose between FDR (Chris Pine) and Tuck (Tom Hardy) - even though she doesn't seem to get on with FDR, he lies or fakes most things still, and has 'small hands'. While the only thing against Tuck is that 'he's British'.

Her friend is no help, and tells her to sleep with both of them to compare.

Lauren sleeps with FDR first. Next night she meets with Tuck, and FDR is crushed when he spies Tuck walking her back to her car outside the apartment.

This is the final straw, and the boys' friendship is over. FDR has already requested a transfer.

Lauren has finally made her mind up, and meets with Tuck in a restaurant to tell him the news. Meanwhile, FDR is studying his old spy tapes - and spots Heinrich, the bad guy, in the background. He races over to warn them, and Lauren has a panic attack when she realises they both know each other.

While she's in the restroom, the boys fight and bring carnage to the restaurant. The bad guys show up and give chase.

FDR and Tuck work well together, destroying the chasing cars one at a time, and remember the good times, patching things up.

They reach the end of an incomplete motorway (don't you hate it when that happens) and Heinrich is waiting. Lauren tells them to shoot the headlights, which activates the airbags and the car spins, tumbling towards them.

The men dive either side, each shouting for Lauren to join them. Lauren makes up her mind.

They open their eyes - and Lauren is in the arms of FDR. They're also on the main news, their covers are blown.

Tuck is a good loser, and is happy for them.

Later, Tuck is back watching his son at Martial Arts, and gets his own back on the abusive dad. Tuck's ex-wife shows up, and because he's now a spy/secret-agent and not just a travel agent, she decides she likes him again. He takes it.

FDR and Tuck are back being secret agents, in parachutes looking out the back of a plane. FDR tells him he is thinking to propose. Tuck admits that he never slept with Lauren that night, just walked her to her car. But FDR admits to sleeping with Tuck's ex-wife, before they were together. They fight and fall out the plane.

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